Brent Carter was born in Corpus Christi Texas but raised in Victoria Texas. As a young man growing up in Victoria, Carter was an avid fan of sports, an extracurricular activity he still holds dearly to date. Together with his long-time friend Ash Wade, he makes up the ever amazing and always entertaining team of Wade and Carter who brighten up your morning on 95.9 KHMC FM.

Brent Carter attended his elementary lessons at Smith Elementary and later joined Howell Middle School. He pursued his post-primary education at Victoria High School. Brent is a proud holder of a BBA in Finance from The University of Texas located in Austin.

Professional Career and Radio Hosting

Brent Carter desire to tell it as it is landed him into radio hosting. Just like many of us who listen to the radio and dislike the inaccuracies that are peddled by the radio hosts, Carter dissent for the views and opinion broadcasted earned him an idea from his folks who encouraged him to join radio and peddle the truth to the public. Unknowingly to them, Brent Carter had played with the notion of joining radio, a position he had been contemplating for more than a year.

Thanks to the support he received from a bunch of his friends and sponsors such as VeraCruz Restaurant, Empire Lodge, Wendt Electrical, and CivilCopr, the show eventually saw the light of the day on 95.9 FM as a breakfast show. Though he has a daytime job that he attends to after leaving the studio, his main ideology as a co-host in his breakfast club is to educate his fellow Victorian residents, give back to the community, and make a living from what he loves doing.

Early Life and Education
Brent has worked as an insurance agent in Houston, Victoria/Rockport, Dallas, and The Valley. His career as an insurance agent spans to more than two decades.

Brent Carter Victoria TX is a producer at GSM Insurors, a full-service insurance company based in Texas. GSM Insurors is the founder of The Insurors Group. Brent Carter has been the producer in this company for more than four years. His role primarily has been to offer insurance services to clients as a way of helping them make the right decisions when it comes to buying or using insurance services.

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